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The nursery is situated in the building next to the infants section of the school and has its own dedicated outdoor learning environment each with their own toilets. We also have a disabled toilet in the hall with changing facilities. The large outdoor area which is accessible from both rooms has a covered canopy allowing children to play outdoors in all weathers, an artifical grass area and outdoor sandpits

The nursery has two rooms Cygnets and Swans. Our Cygnets can start in the September after they turn 2 years old. We split the room according to age range which enables our staff to teach age specific groups of children and helps us to keep our group sizes nice and small. We find that these smaller working groups really help the children settle into a welcome learning environment and ensures we continue to provide high quality childcare and education. In.  this room we have four key workers who cover a maximum of 20 children. 

Our Swans are our one true pre-school year. The children in this class setting are preparing for Reception the following academic year and this room is taught as one full class of the same age range. This class has a designated qualified teacher and follows the new EYFS curriculum. 

We have found that by having Cynets and Swans that our children flourish, each experiencing a high quality teaching and nurturing enviornment which suits their learning and emotional needs.

Children’s development and learning

We adhere to the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and follow the EYFS Statutory Framework 2021 - setting the standards for learning development standards and care for children from birth to 5 years of age. 

How parents take part in the setting

The nursery recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their children and all of the staff see themselves as partners with you in providing care and education for your child.  Parents can offer to take part in a session by sharing their own interests and skills with the children.  We welcome parents to drop in to see it at work or to speak with the staff.

The nursery keeps a Profile for each child which can be found on Tapestry which is an easy to use and secure online learning journal which help staff and famlies celebrate their child's learning and development. Staff and parents working together on their children’s profile is one of the ways in which the key person and parents work in partnership. Your child’s profile helps us to celebrate together their achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for their well-being and to make progress.  

The setting’s routines

Our setting believes that care and education are equally important in the experience which we offer children. The routines and activities that make up the session/day in the setting are provided in ways that:

  • help each child to feel that she/he is a valued member of the setting;
  • ensure the safety of each child;
  • help children to gain from the social experience of being part of a group; and
  • provide children with opportunities to learn and help them to value learning.

We organise our sessions so that the children can choose from – and work at – a range of activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work through a task to its completion. The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led small and large group activities which introduce them to new experiences and help them to gain new skills, as well as helping them to learn to work with others.

We have a wonderful outdoor area which is utilised daily and is accessible to all children throughout the day so children can choose to play and learn outdoors if they wish. We stongly belive that outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a large scale area which remains separate from the rest of the school, but is on the school grounds to encourage interaction between the children. 

Special needs

As part of the setting’s policy to make sure that its provision meets the needs of each individual child, we take account of any special needs a child may have. Our highly trained and experienced staff continue to monitor and feedback on a child's needs throughout their time at our Nursery.

Starting at our setting

The first days

We want your child to feel happy and safe with us. To ensure a smooth and stress free transition, staff will work with you to decide on how to help your child to settle into the setting. 


We provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities. Children do have the option of wearing the Bexton Pre-school sweatshirts and polo shirts; however, both are NOT compulsory.


It is our intention to respect the privacy of children and their parents and carers, while ensuring that they access high quality nursery care and education. We aim to ensure that all parents and carers can share their information in confidence that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their children.

For further information on our preschool nursery setting, please contact our Nursery Manager, Kirsty Ruff on 01565 632816 (Option 1) or email

Nursery Admissions 

Please use the attached form to register your interest or make an enquiry using the above contact details if you would like to be shown around. 

Please click here for more information if your child is already in our nursery.

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