Year 6 2019 - 2020

Mrs Lasham

Mrs Butler

Year 6 have been working on our plastic/marine conservation topic and painting pictures of a polluted beach scene.

All the children in KS2 entered a writing competition run by Moto in the Community in the autumn term. We were delighted to hear that two of our pupils (Henry & Tassia) were runners up the competition, winning £50 of WHsmith vouchers and £1000 of books for the school each.
Maria Farrer, the author who judged the competition commented:
Henry's story: Great beginning to this very imaginative story, Henry. You set up the plot well and fill it with an atmosphere of intrigue and horror that makes me desperate to read on. Your descriptions are excellent and you are good at 'showing' us how a character is feeling as well as just telling us. I love the way Ryan's "heart pumps" as he is running up the stairs and how his "legs quivered with nerves".
I also think it is very clever how you build up the tension and then make the reader think everything is ok when Robbie first starts talking to Ryan. Then suddenly, WHAM! We discover Robbie is a werewolf. I also think it is clever how you leave the ending to the imagination of the reader...I am not sure Ryan's ending is going to be a happy one?!
This is a great horror story- chilling and full of action. Fantastic writing- it had me on the edge of my seat!
Tassia's story: This is a wonderfully descriptive and atmospheric stroy. You set up the relationship between the brother and sister very well and I like the way they come together to share this adventure in the lighthouse.
Your story is full of clever writing skills. I absolutely love the way you let us know what is going on inside Ellie's head. I particularly like the way she wonders if her eyes are "fuzzy" and also the way that she asks herself questions but doesn't answer them, for example, "But that was false information, right?" It makes readers ask themselves the same question and that is a great way to keep a reader interested and involved. You also make good use of direct speech which brings your characters to life.
Your descriptions are fantastic... " putrid smells of dead fish" (YUCK!!!). I could see and smell and feel things with the characters and this made me want to keep reading to find out what happened. I love a good mystery!
A huge well done to Henry and Tassia. We can't wait to receive our new books.

We have two classes in Year 6 which are taught by:

  • Mrs Lasham
  • Mrs Butler






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