Mrs Armstrong - Head Teacher

Mrs Armstrong has worked joined the Bexton Team in September 2009 as Assistant Head, becoming Head Teacher in 2016.  She has extensive experience of working in schools in Cheshire and Trafford as well as teaching further abroad.

Mrs Armstrong is our designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Sach - Deputy Head

Mrs Sach has worked at Bexton since 2000 and has been a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team for the past 8 years.  She has experience of working in all age groups throughout the school and has a passion for encouraging a love of learning in our children through developing exciting and creative teaching.

Reception - Mrs Parker and Mrs Ledwith

​Mrs Parker joined us in September 2016 as our new Early Years Co-Ordinator, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Early Years sector.

Mrs Ledwith is one of the most creative people we know, and has been connected with Bexton since 1993. She has worked in many capacities over the years, mainly in Reception and Key Stage 1.


Reception - Miss Short and Miss Beeston

Miss Short has worked at Bexton since 2009 and particularly loves working with our Reception children as it is an opportunity to let her creative imagination provide stimulating and exciting learning opportunities for young minds.

Miss Beeston joined the Early Years Team at Bexton in January 2015, having experience in the private sector. 



Year 1 - Mrs Allen

Mrs Allen joined the Bexton Team in November 2011 as a teaching assistant working mainly in Reception and Year 1.  In 2015 Mrs Allen completed the School Direct course at Bexton and has been working with us in a teaching role since.

A talented artist, Mrs Allen is responsible for Art in KS1. You will find a number of murals throughout school and Dawn 2 Dusk Club which are mainly her own handiwork.


Year 1 - Miss Goddard

Miss Goddard joined us in September 2016 having worked at William Cobbett Primary School in Surrey.

Miss Goddard is our music co-ordinator. She is passionate about developing a creative learning environment where children feel safe, valued and engaged and learn from hands-on experiences to develop deep-rooted understanding.


Year 1 - Miss Chadwick (KS1 Manager)

Miss Chadwick has been teaching at Bexton since 1982. Having qualified as an Early Years teacher, the majority of her teaching career has been spent teaching in our Reception and Year 1 classes.

Miss Chadwick is our KS1 manager. In the past she has acted as manager and facilitator for the wide range of activities that Bexton provided to schools within Cheshire when we were awarded Beacon status in 2002. In 2005 she was part of a team of Cheshire teachers who visited Italy to develop international links, to share good practice and to research Early Years educational theories that could be adapted to schools in the UK.

Year 2 - Mrs Day and Mrs Brand

Mrs Day has been at Bexton since 2003 and has a wide range of experience throughout the school.  Mrs Day also has responsibility for the co-ordination of English.

Mrs Brand impressed us all when she completed a teacher training placement with us a few years ago, so we were delighted to welcome her back to the team as Y2 teacher in November 2016.


Year 2 - Mrs Knight and Miss Leese

Mrs Knight qualified in 1994 with a Bachelor of Education, specialising in Literacy. She has taught in schools in Nottingham and Leeds and has been lucky enough to have taught every age group from Reception through to Year 6. She has been subject leader for Geography, History, ICT and English. Mrs Knight loves teaching all areas of the curriculum but has a passion for English, especially poetry and story writing.

Miss Leese has been a teacher at Bexton since 2003, having experience of teaching throughout the school.  Her favourite Year Group is always Year 2.

This year  Mrs Knight and Miss Leese are jointly co-ordinating Geography and History for the school


Year 3 - Mr Evans

Mr Evans joined us in September 2016 as an NQT, having undertaken teaching practice in Mobberley, Egerton and here at Bexton.



Year 3 - Miss Hossack

Following her teacher training placement in Year 5 and supply teaching throughout the school,  Miss Hossack joined us in 2014 as a full-time teacher. Miss Hossack currently co-ordinates PE throughout the school.

Year 4 - Mr Wyatt

We are delighted to welcome Mr Wyatt back to Bexton at the start of the 2016 - 17 academic year after he completed his teacher training with us in 2015.

Year 4 - Mrs Stephenson

Mrs Stephenson came to Bexton through the Graduate Teacher Programme, having previously worked in management and sales.

 In addition to running our highly succesful gardening club, Mrs Stephenson is also responsible for the co-ordination of Science school. 


Year 5 - Mrs Butler (Acting KS2 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs Butler is a home-grown Bexton success story, having worked at the school as a teaching assistant for 12 years.  In 2013 - 14, Mrs Butler became a fully qualified teacher through the School Direct Programme and in 2016 - 17 she is in her third year as a teacher at Bexton.

Mrs Butler also does a fabulous job of co-ordinating our Ethical Enterprise curriculum..



Year 5 - Mrs Lasham

Mrs Lasham joined us in 2008 and since then she has taught throughout Key Stage 2.  In addition to being a Year 5 teacher, Mrs Lasham is Maths Co-Ordinator for the whole school.



Year 6 - Mr Hammond

Mr Hammond has been teaching at Bexton since 2004. During this time he has experienced teaching in Y1,3,4,5 and is currently in Year 6 for his 5th year.

Mr Hammond is our ICT Co-Ordinator.

Year 6 - Mrs Bland (KS2 Manager) and Miss Aldridge

Our fabulous team in Y6SBCA comprises Mrs Bland, Miss Aldridge and Mrs Mills.

Mrs Bland has taught throughout KS2 at Bexton and is our usual KS2 Co-Ordinator.  Miss Aldridge has worked in Year 6 at Bexton for the last 3 years and Mrs Mills joined us in 2016, teaching in Year 6 on Thursdays and Fridays.



Mrs Phelps-Brown (SENCO)

Mrs Phelps-Brown joined us in September 2016 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with special needs children in the primary school sector. 


Nursery - Mrs Howard (Swans)

Mrs Howard is a qualified nurse and midwife who decided after 20 years to study for a change in career. She qualified with a BA in Professional studies in Education in 2003 (focussing on Early years and Special Needs Education) and qualified as a Teacher through the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2004. 

Since then, Mrs Howard has taught in a number of year groups, mainly in Key Stage 1 and Early Years although she has also provided cover for PPA throughout the school.

Nursery - Miss Bradbury (Cygnets)

Miss Bradbury joined us in September 2016 as Nursery Teacher. She has over ten years teaching experience, both locally and internationally, the bulk of which has been in Early Years.


For more information on our Nursery classes, please see the Nursery Section in "About us".


Teaching Assistants

Wendy Snook  (HLTA)

Angela Malaspina (Rainbow Room)

Lynda Airey
Ruth Alcazar
Kerry Bentley
Helen Boxford
Michelle Braisby
Alethea Burhouse
Joanne Church
Angharad Snook
Lynne Fitton
Nicola Fletcher
Emilie Fronte
Cathryn Hardy
Stephanie Healy
Tracy Jackson
Anne Joyce
Angela Malaspina
Emma Mountain
Victoria Robinson
Sally Waterfield
Melanie Wright

Nursery Staff

Louise Barker - Nursery Manager

Gill Downes - Room Supervisor

Sharon Williams - Room Supervisor

Helen Allen
Debbie Donaldson
Suzie Eaton
Katrina Kemshead
Nikki Mitchell
Victoria Ollerton
Jane Perry
Lesley Sarikaya
Joann Sawyer
Jill Young

Office Staff

Julie Griffiths - School Business Manager

Georgina Blake - Clerk to Governors

Viv Graham - Admin Assistant

Helen Morgan - Admin Assistant

Natalie Normanton - Admin Assistant

Wraparound Care Staff (Nursery and Dawn2Dusk)

Tracy Jackson - Dawn2Dusk Manager

Lorraine Bashford

Bethany Fletcher

Hannah Lynes

Saskia Davies

Lunchtime Supervisors

Nicola Fletcher - Supervisor

Sarah Drinkwater
Pip Evans
Monica Harris
Deborah Jones
Cheryl Jones
Heather Kenyon
Jo Merron
Sarah Murphy
Jo Scott
Susan Warner
Katherine Wilson

Premises Staff

Chris Jones

Jon McVicker

Kitchen Staff

Sue Tait - Catering Supervisor

Karen Wain
Lorraine Bashford
Catriona Coates
Judith Edwards