Staff 2018-2019


Mrs Armstrong - Head Teacher



Mrs Sach - Deputy Head

Reception - Mrs Parker (Early Years Manager) and Mrs Smart



Reception - Mrs Traynor and Mrs Brand



Year 1 - Mrs Knight and Mrs Plant



Year 1 - Miss Chadwick (KS1 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs Ledwith



Year 2 - Miss Goddard



Year 2 - Mrs Day and Miss Aldridge




Year 3- Mrs Allen and Mrs Mills



Year 3 - Mrs Bland and Mrs Vale



Year 3 - Mr Evans


Year 4 - Mr Wyatt



Year 4 - Miss Hossack



Year 5 - Mrs Stephenson



Year 5 - Mr Hammond


Year 6 - Mrs Butler KS2 Co-Ordinator




Year 6 - Mrs Lasham




Mrs Howard - Nursery Teacher


Mrs Aitken (SENCO)

Mrs Aitken joined us in May 2018 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with special needs children in the primary school sector. 

Teaching Assistants

Wendy Snook  (HLTA & Pastoral Support)

Reception- Miss Church, Mrs Sarakaya, Mrs Boxford & Miss Ruff

Year 1- Mrs Hyland, Miss Fronte

Year 2- Miss Jackson, Mrs Fletcher

Year 3- Mrs Alcazar, Mrs Braisby, Mrs Moore

Year 4- Miss Fronte, Mrs Malaspina, Mrs Healy, Mrs Wright

Year 5- Mrs Bentley, Mrs Joyce

Year 6- Miss Robinson, Mrs Burhouse



Nursery Staff

Louise Barker - Nursery Manager

Gill Downes - Room Supervisor

Sharon Williams - Room Supervisor

Helen Allen
Debbie Donaldson
Suzie Eaton
Katrina Kemshead
Nikki Mitchell
Victoria Ollerton
Jane Perry
Lesley Sarikaya
Joann Sawyer
Jill Young

Office Staff

Helen Taylor - School Business Manager

Georgina Blake - Clerk to Governors

Viv Graham - Admin Assistant

Helen Morgan - Admin Assistant

Natalie Normanton - Admin Assistant

Wraparound Care Staff (Nursery and Dawn2Dusk)

Tracy Jackson - Dawn2Dusk Manager

Lorraine Bashford

Bethany Fletcher

Hannah Lynes

Saskia Davies

Lunchtime Supervisors

Nicola Fletcher - Supervisor

Sarah Drinkwater
Pip Evans
Monica Harris
Deborah Jones
Heather Kenyon
Jo Merron
Sarah Murphy
Jo Scott
Katherine Wilson

Premises Staff

Jon McVicker

Wayne Howman

Kitchen Staff

Sue Tait - Catering Supervisor

Karen Wain
Lorraine Bashford
Catriona Coates
Judith Edwards
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