Sports at Bexton

The children at Bexton love their PE lessons! In the most recent Pupil Survey (June 2017) 98% of children enjoyed PE and it was rated the favourite subject overall. Since September 2016, the teachers have worked closely with our coach, Mr Roberts to develop and improve their subject knowledge and the impact of this has been children developing skills to a higher standard and children being more active in the PE lessons.

Mr Roberts also works closely with our PE Coordinator (Miss Hossack) to plan the sessions around the inter-school competitions held, ensuring the children are confident and enthusiastically representing the school. We have had many successes this year, winning football and netball tournaments. Another success is seeing more children joining sports clubs in the local area after Mr Roberts and Miss Hossack have spotted talent and encouragd children to join.

We are continuing with our sports provision September 2017-July 2018 and look forward to building on these strengths.


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