School Council

At Bexton we have an active school council. Each class elects a school council representative who attends meetings, leads their weekly class circle time and reports back to the school council meetings.

Last year the children:

They led an Anti-Bullying Campaign by consulting the classes on the main issues we needed to tackle, presented these in assembly, led an anti-bullying assembly with a clear 'STOP' (Several times on purpose?) message and then launched a poster competition. The winning posters are now displayed around the school.

Improved playtimes by finding a solution to the problem that Year 5 and 6 children were sometimes hungry after their school dinner. The children asked if the older children could be served last so they could request seconds. We reorganised the lunchtimes and consequently the children are more satisfied with the portion sizes.

They have also organised a number of lunchtime clubs, such as football, athletics, dance, reading. In the pupil survey the children said that they really enjoyed these clubs and the lunchtime assistants report that these make a big difference to the children's enjoyment at playtime.

The children also launced a friendship bench competition (to design it) and this is now on the playground. It is for any child to enjoy but particuarly if they are having problems, they can find an older child or an adult to help them sort it out.

They have helped to improve the curriculum by suggesting fun theme days. We organised a 'Bexton goes Backpacking' themed days where the children 'travelled' around different classrooms learning about different countries and even had an airport experience with the support of EasyJet and Manchester Airport. We are also having a 'Bexton's Seaside' day where the children are building their own seaside town out of junk models in the last week of term.

They have also met up with another school council from Manor Park in Knutsford and shared ideas for improving our schools. We were also lucky enough to visit the Town Council chambers and meet the Knutsford Mayor so we could learn about the role of the town council.

This year they are running an anti-bullying campaign, a road safety competition and planning curriculum theme days to support our 'No Outsiders' project.