Membership, Committees, Link Governors and meeting dates 2020-21






Local Governing Board (LGB)


Membership information 2020-2021


Version: Summer Term 2021



  1. Constitution of governing board
  2. List of governors with categories and terms of office 
  3. Link governors and special responsibilities
  4. Chair and vice chair of governing board
  5. Membership of committees
  6. Clerk to Governors
  7. Meeting dates Autumn 2020


  1. Constitution

      Bexton Governing Board currently has a maximum membership of 14 governors, and will align with other CAT schools with a maximum membership of 12 governors by the end of 2021. 


The LGB is made up of:


  • Headteacher governor
  • 2 parent governors
  • 1 staff governor
  • 8 co-opted governors (NB. A maximum of 10 until October 2021)


  1. There are currently two vacancies for co-opted governors which will be filled prior to October 2021, when the terms of office of four of our governors ends, at which point our maximum number of governors will be set at 12.


  1. List of governors with category and term of office


Headteacher/  Principal governor

  • Emily Armstrong (Headteacher/ Principal) ex officio i.e. governor by virtue of office

Staff governor

  • Sandra Bland (31.01.23)


Parent governors

  • Kristina Gol (29.3.2025)
  • Sarah Stafford (29.3.2025)


Co-opted governors

  • John Squires (29.10.21)
  • Kathryn Woolf (27.10.21)
  • Catherine Hulme (29.10.21)
  • Jim Lovett (29.10.21) 
  • Sue Sharratt (3.7.22)
  • Lynne Lea (3.7.22)
  • Lucy Goldsmith (22.5.24)
  • Matt Stephenson (14.3.25)


Associate members

  • Jill Sach (Deputy Headteacher/ Principal)


  1. Link governors and special responsibilities (updated after Local Governing Board  reviewed  at LGB on 14 December 2020)
  • Governor training and liaison- Lynne Lea
  • Vision – Catherine Hulme 
  • SEND – Sue Sharratt, lead teacher Anna Aitken SENDCo 
  • Assessment data and Pupil Premium – Kathryn Woolf. Lead teacher is Jill Sach.
  • Safeguarding – Sue Sharratt. Lead teacher is Emily Armstrong. 
  • Health and Safety – 1. John Squires and 2. Lucy Goldsmith 
  • Marketing- Lucy Goldsmith. Lead teacher is Emily Armstrong.
  • SDP area: Lower achieving groups in maths - Kathryn Woolf. Lead teacher Jill Chadwick, Caroline Butler and Jill Sach.
  • SDP area: Wider curriculum, including Ethical Enterprise and British Values- Sue Sharratt. Lead teacher Jill Sach.
  • GDPR Matt Stephenson. 
  • EYFS: Lynne Lea. 
  • Equality: Lucy Goldsmith
  1. Chair of governing boardMatt Stephenson (until 1 October 2021)


Vice chair of governing boardKathryn Woolf (until 1 October 2021)


  1. Membership of subcommittees until December 2020 (nb. flat structure adopted from 14 December 2020)


Resources Subcommittee:  Matt Stephenson (chair), Jim Lovett (vice chair), Lynne Lea, John Squires, Catherine Hulme, Emily Armstrong, Jill Sach.


Curriculum Subcommittee: Lucy Goldsmith (chair), Emily Armstrong, Kathryn Woolf (vice chair), Sue Sharratt, Sandra Bland,  Jill Sach (associate member).


Headteacher/ Principal 'Performance Management' Panel: Steve Ellis (CEO CAT), PEter Woodhouse (CAT Trustee), LGB Chair (Matt Stephenson)


Salary Committee/ Pay Panel: Chair of LGB (Matt Stephenson), Catherine Hulme and Kathryn Woolf


Wraparound Building working group: John Squires, Emily Armstrong, Matt Stephenson, Lucy Goldsmith, Lynne Lea.




  1. Clerk to Governors: Georgina Blake (

Draft minutes of all LGB and committee meetings to be received by all governors within 2 weeks of meeting by email and to be uploaded onto Sharepoint




  1. Meeting dates 2020-21

n.b. All meetings on a Wednesday at 6pm, duration 2 hours,  unless otherwise stated


Extraordinary meeting of LGB 30 September 2020

Resources Subcommittee: 21 October 2020

Curriculum Subcommittee:  18 November 2020

Local Governing Board meeting (LGB) (all governors): 14 December 2020

LGB 20 January 2021

LGB 10 February 2021

LGB 10 March 2021

LGB 5 May 2021

LGB 9 June 2021

LGB 14 July 2021